Protect Yourself From Lead Poisoning by Knowing Where Lead Exists


There are many dangerous things out in your environment. The environment is more than just the outside alone. It is also your home, your workplace, your car etc. Everything that comprises your surroundings makes up your environment, and like anything else, there are the good and the bad. Lead, while it has it strengths, can be a definite health hazard to you and your family.

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The Effects of Hormones and Antibiotics on Our Food Supply


Americans are all about bigness, grandeur, and decadence. We buy in bulk and have our fries “Supersized.” But now, farmers are bulking up our chicken and beefing up our beef before it ever makes its way to your plate. Hormones are being added to the feed that is given to beef cattle, chickens and other livestock to make them more muscular and more pleasing to the slaughter houses. But are these hormones safe, and where do you and your family fit into the equation? Below are examples of hormones and antibiotics that are placed in your beef and some of the concerns that are arriving with this advance in technology.

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The Good and the Bad of Antibiotics

Before antibiotics, what did doctors use to treat infections, such as strep throat? There is no question about the fact that there are wonderful aspects to antibiotics. These drugs are used to treat many bacterial infections, from pneumonia to impetigo. But there are negatives to these drugs, and as a consumer and a patient you need to know the difference.

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